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"Innovation needs Documentation"

The continued success of Java comes with a steadily growing class library. New methods for the compression of information are necessary. For this a new kind of visual attractive class diagram is presented, which transcend the normal UML standard. The diagrams are interactive, i.e. the separate classes have links to the API-documentation. The diagram at the right side is a sample. The site additionally contains a series of tables for the Java language and other contributions to information technology.


Example diagram
Click to enlarge
Please support the feature request "The Java Api Documentation needs to include class diagrams" at the Sun Developer Connection (registration necessary).

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Update (Tuesday, March/21/2006)

I had to remove the poll, because of massive formular spam.
I hope the Guest Book stays a little longer...

Update (Tuesday, March/09/2004)

All diagrams have been updated for JDK 1.4.2. The update was necessary because Sun doesn't support JDK 1.4.1 any longer.
Additionally diagrams for have been included.

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