public long skip (long n) throws IOException

Skips over and discards n bytes of data from this input stream. The skip method may, for a variety of reasons, end up skipping over some smaller number of bytes, possibly 0. This may result from any of a number of conditions; reaching end of file before n bytes have been skipped is only one possibility. The actual number of bytes skipped is returned. If n is negative, no bytes are skipped.

The skip method of this class creates a byte array and then repeatedly reads into it until n bytes have been read or the end of the stream has been reached. Subclasses are encouraged to provide a more efficient implementation of this method. For instance, the implementation may depend on the ability to seek.

n    the number of bytes to be skipped.

Returns:  the actual number of bytes skipped.

IOException    if the stream does not support seek, or if some other I/O error occurs.