public synchronized void mark (int readlimit)

Marks the current position in this input stream. A subsequent call to the reset method repositions this stream at the last marked position so that subsequent reads re-read the same bytes.

The readlimit arguments tells this input stream to allow that many bytes to be read before the mark position gets invalidated.

The general contract of mark is that, if the method markSupported returns true, the stream somehow remembers all the bytes read after the call to mark and stands ready to supply those same bytes again if and whenever the method reset is called. However, the stream is not required to remember any data at all if more than readlimit bytes are read from the stream before reset is called.

Marking a closed stream should not have any effect on the stream.

The mark method of InputStream does nothing.

readlimit    the maximum limit of bytes that can be read before the mark position becomes invalid.

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