public abstract interface NamespaceContext
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Interface for read only XML Namespace context processing.

An XML Namespace has the properties:

example: <element xmlns:prefix="http://Namespace-name-URI">

All get*(*) methods operate in the current scope for Namespace URI and prefix resolution.

Note that a Namespace URI can be bound to multiple prefixes in the current scope. This can occur when multiple XMLConstants.XMLNS_ATTRIBUTE ("xmlns") Namespace declarations occur in the same Start-Tag and refer to the same Namespace URI. e.g.

 <element xmlns:prefix1="http://Namespace-name-URI"
This can also occur when the same Namespace URI is used in multiple XMLConstants.XMLNS_ATTRIBUTE ("xmlns") Namespace declarations in the logical parent element hierarchy. e.g.
 <parent xmlns:prefix1="http://Namespace-name-URI">
   <child xmlns:prefix2="http://Namespace-name-URI">

A prefix can only be bound to a single Namespace URI in the current scope.

See also:
javax.xml.XMLConstants for declarations of common XML values, XML Schema Part2: Datatypes, Namespaces in XML, Namespaces in XML Errata

Since:  1.5