public abstract void addTransformer (ClassFileTransformer transformer, boolean canRetransform)

Registers the supplied transformer. All future class definitions will be seen by the transformer, except definitions of classes upon which any registered transformer is dependent. The transformer is called when classes are loaded, when they are redefined. and if canRetransform is true, when they are retransformed. See ClassFileTransformer.transform for the order of transform calls. If a transformer throws an exception during execution, the JVM will still call the other registered transformers in order. The same transformer may be added more than once, but it is strongly discouraged -- avoid this by creating a new instance of transformer class.

This method is intended for use in instrumentation, as described in the class specification.

transformer    the transformer to register
canRetransform    can this transformer's transformations be retransformed

java.lang.NullPointerException    if passed a null transformer
java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException    if canRetransform is true and the current configuration of the JVM does not allow retransformation (isRetransformClassesSupported is false)

Since:  1.6