public class ManagementFactory
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The ManagementFactory class is a factory class for getting managed beans for the Java platform. This class consists of static methods each of which returns one or more platform MXBeans representing the management interface of a component of the Java virtual machine.

Platform MXBeans

A platform MXBean is a managed bean that conforms to the JMX Instrumentation Specification and only uses a set of basic data types. A JMX management application and the platform MBeanServer can interoperate without requiring classes for MXBean specific data types. The data types being transmitted between the JMX connector server and the connector client are open types and this allows interoperation across versions. See the specification of MXBeans for details.

Each platform MXBean is a PlatformManagedObject and it has a unique ObjectName for registration in the platform MBeanServer as returned by by the getObjectName method.

An application can access a platform MXBean in the following ways:

1. Direct access to an MXBean interface

2. Indirect access to an MXBean interface via MBeanServer

The getPlatformManagementInterfaces method returns all management interfaces supported in the Java virtual machine including the standard management interfaces listed in the tables below as well as the management interfaces extended by the JDK implementation.

A Java virtual machine has a single instance of the following management interfaces:

Management Interface ObjectName
ClassLoadingMXBean java.lang:type=ClassLoading
MemoryMXBean java.lang:type=Memory
ThreadMXBean java.lang:type=Threading
RuntimeMXBean java.lang:type=Runtime
OperatingSystemMXBean java.lang:type=OperatingSystem
PlatformLoggingMXBean java.util.logging:type=Logging

A Java virtual machine has zero or a single instance of the following management interfaces.

Management Interface ObjectName
CompilationMXBean java.lang:type=Compilation

A Java virtual machine may have one or more instances of the following management interfaces.

Management Interface ObjectName
GarbageCollectorMXBean java.lang:type=GarbageCollector,name=collector's name
MemoryManagerMXBean java.lang:type=MemoryManager,name=manager's name
MemoryPoolMXBean java.lang:type=MemoryPool,name=pool's name
BufferPoolMXBean java.nio:type=BufferPool,name=pool name

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Since:  1.5