public abstract FileSystem newFileSystem (URI uri, Map<String, ?> env) throws IOException

Constructs a new FileSystem object identified by a URI. This method is invoked by the FileSystems.newFileSystem(URI,Map) method to open a new file system identified by a URI.

The uri parameter is an absolute, hierarchical URI, with a scheme equal (without regard to case) to the scheme supported by this provider. The exact form of the URI is highly provider dependent. The env parameter is a map of provider specific properties to configure the file system.

This method throws FileSystemAlreadyExistsException if the file system already exists because it was previously created by an invocation of this method. Once a file system is closed it is provider-dependent if the provider allows a new file system to be created with the same URI as a file system it previously created.

uri     URI reference
env     A map of provider specific properties to configure the file system; may be empty

Returns:  A new file system

IllegalArgumentException     If the pre-conditions for the uri parameter aren't met, or the env parameter does not contain properties required by the provider, or a property value is invalid
IOException     An I/O error occurs creating the file system
SecurityException     If a security manager is installed and it denies an unspecified permission required by the file system provider implementation
FileSystemAlreadyExistsException     If the file system has already been created