public abstract void setAttribute (Path path, String attribute, Object value, LinkOption… options) throws IOException

Sets the value of a file attribute. This method works in exactly the manner specified by the Files.setAttribute method.

path     the path to the file
attribute     the attribute to set
value     the attribute value
options     options indicating how symbolic links are handled

UnsupportedOperationException     if the attribute view is not available
IllegalArgumentException     if the attribute name is not specified, or is not recognized, or the attribute value is of the correct type but has an inappropriate value
ClassCastException     If the attribute value is not of the expected type or is a collection containing elements that are not of the expected type
IOException     If an I/O error occurs
SecurityException     In the case of the default provider, and a security manager is installed, its checkWrite method denies write access to the file. If this method is invoked to set security sensitive attributes then the security manager may be invoked to check for additional permissions.