public AsynchronousFileChannel newAsynchronousFileChannel (Path path, Set<? extends OpenOption> options, ExecutorService executor, FileAttribute<?>… attrs) throws IOException

Opens or creates a file for reading and/or writing, returning an asynchronous file channel to access the file. This method works in exactly the manner specified by the,Set,ExecutorService,FileAttribute[]) method. A provider that does not support all the features required to construct an asynchronous file channel throws UnsupportedOperationException. The default provider is required to support the creation of asynchronous file channels. When not overridden, the default implementation of this method throws UnsupportedOperationException.

path     the path of the file to open or create
options     options specifying how the file is opened
executor     the thread pool or null to associate the channel with the default thread pool
attrs     an optional list of file attributes to set atomically when creating the file

Returns:  a new asynchronous file channel

IllegalArgumentException     If the set contains an invalid combination of options
UnsupportedOperationException     If this provider that does not support creating asynchronous file channels, or an unsupported open option or file attribute is specified
IOException     If an I/O error occurs
SecurityException     In the case of the default file system, the SecurityManager.checkRead(String) method is invoked to check read access if the file is opened for reading. The SecurityManager.checkWrite(String) method is invoked to check write access if the file is opened for writing