protected void removeRange (int fromIndex, int toIndex)

Removes from this list all of the elements whose index is between fromIndex, inclusive, and toIndex, exclusive. Shifts any succeeding elements to the left (reduces their index). This call shortens the list by (toIndex - fromIndex) elements. (If toIndex==fromIndex, this operation has no effect.)

This method is called by the clear operation on this list and its subLists. Overriding this method to take advantage of the internals of the list implementation can substantially improve the performance of the clear operation on this list and its subLists.

This implementation gets a list iterator positioned before fromIndex, and repeatedly calls followed by ListIterator.remove until the entire range has been removed. Note: if ListIterator.remove requires linear time, this implementation requires quadratic time.

fromIndex    index of first element to be removed
toIndex    index after last element to be removed