public static synchronized void setDefault (Locale newLocale)

Sets the default locale for this instance of the Java Virtual Machine. This does not affect the host locale.

If there is a security manager, its checkPermission method is called with a PropertyPermission("user.language", "write") permission before the default locale is changed.

The Java Virtual Machine sets the default locale during startup based on the host environment. It is used by many locale-sensitive methods if no locale is explicitly specified.

Since changing the default locale may affect many different areas of functionality, this method should only be used if the caller is prepared to reinitialize locale-sensitive code running within the same Java Virtual Machine.

By setting the default locale with this method, all of the default locales for each Category are also set to the specified default locale.

newLocale    the new default locale

SecurityException     if a security manager exists and its checkPermission method doesn't allow the operation.
NullPointerException    if newLocale is null

See also:
SecurityManager.checkPermission, java.util.PropertyPermission