public abstract interface DirObjectFactory
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This interface represents a factory for creating an object given an object and attributes about the object.

The JNDI framework allows for object implementations to be loaded in dynamically via object factories. See ObjectFactory for details.

A DirObjectFactory extends ObjectFactory by allowing an Attributes instance to be supplied to the getObjectInstance() method. DirObjectFactory implementations are intended to be used by DirContext service providers. The service provider, in addition reading an object from the directory, might already have attributes that are useful for the object factory to check to see whether the factory is supposed to process the object. For instance, an LDAP-style service provider might have read the "objectclass" of the object. A CORBA object factory might be interested only in LDAP entries with "objectclass=corbaObject". By using the attributes supplied by the LDAP service provider, the CORBA object factory can quickly eliminate objects that it need not worry about, and non-CORBA object factories can quickly eliminate CORBA-related LDAP entries.

extends ObjectFactory

See also:
NamingManager.getObjectInstance, DirectoryManager.getObjectInstance, ObjectFactory

Since:  1.3