public Image (String url, double requestedWidth, double requestedHeight, boolean preserveRatio, boolean smooth, boolean backgroundLoading)

Construct a new Image with the specified parameters. The url without scheme is threated as relative to classpath, url with scheme is treated accordingly to the scheme using URL.openStream()

url    the string representing the URL to use in fetching the pixel data
requestedWidth    the image's bounding box width
requestedHeight    the image's bounding box height
preserveRatio    indicates whether to preserve the aspect ratio of the original image when scaling to fit the image within the specified bounding box
smooth    indicates whether to use a better quality filtering algorithm or a faster one when scaling this image to fit within the specified bounding box
backgroundLoading    indicates whether the image is being loaded in the background

NullPointerException    if URL is null
IllegalArgumentException    if URL is invalid or unsupported